New York City, a melting pot to discover!

When you visit New York, you visit the entire world...

Everyone has heard of Little Italy and Chinatown in New York, but the island of Manhattan is home to many other ethnic neighbourhoods.  In Harlem, you can be served in French at the Malcom Shabazz Harlem Market in the heart of Little Senegal on 116th street. Further East on the same street, the wave of Mexicans who immigrated in the 1990s created a new neighbourhood: Little Mexico. Here, you can enjoy burritos, tacos and tortas in taquerias and cuchifrito shops. Further south, Koreatown runs mainly along 32nd street between 5th and 6th avenue, an area baptized Korea Way. It’s the perfect occasion to discover another type of Asian cuisine! It’s in the area around Tea & Sympathy tearoom on Greenwich Avenue (in the district of the same name) that the idea for “Little Britain” was born. Why not head there and have tea in honour of the new Prince George? To learn more about these many neighbourhoods that piece together to create the New York mosaic, pick up the book New York: The Big City and Its Little Neighbourhoods by Naomi Fertitta.

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