Are you already familiar with the borough of Manhattan?

Perhaps it’s time for you to explore Brooklyn!

To start off, cross the Brooklyn Bridge by foot: it’s a good 30 minute walk. Under the bridge, you’ll find Grimaldi’s, one of New York’s most famous pizzerias.  Don’t let yourself be discouraged by the line-up! Then, take a stroll through Brooklyn Heights along the Greenway that follows the bank of the East River to take advantage of the unbeatable view of southern Manhattan. Why not continue exploring even further to Prospect Park and end your evening in Bushwick? Prospect Park was designed by the same team of landscape architects as Central Park, with a monumental entrance onto the Grand Army Plaza. Bushwick is an old industrial neighbourhood of Brooklyn, now  adorned with many murals, and prides itself on being the latest hotspot for music and cuisine. To see some of these murals, check out this Huffington Post article: To discover other interesting spots in Brooklyn, visit this site:

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