While spring is in full bloom, why not treat yourself to a weekend getaway?

Frenzy Tours offers you New York and Boston packages at Easter.

For our New York departures, you have the choice of the length of your trip and the location of your hotel... At your convenience you can book our 4 day package leaving on Friday April 18 and returning Monday the 21st or our 3 day package leaving also Friday April 18 and returning Sunday the 20th.   All of our 3 day packages are offered with two hotels of your choice, one located in New Jersey and the other in Manhattan. Whichever departure you opt for you will have the opportunity to attend the famous Hat Parade which is held on the 5th avenue, between the 49th and 57th street from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. on Easter Sunday. On the other hand, if you prefer Boston and New England’s Mansions, Frenzy Tours has a departure on Friday the 18th of April, with a return on Sunday the 20th. The hockey playoffs having started by that time, there will be quite an atmosphere in the bars and pubs around Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market...

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