Are you wondering how to celebrate St-Jean-Baptiste or Canada Day?

Why not take advantage of Frenzy Tours’ packages tailor-made for these holidays!

Frenzy Tours is offering special 3-day trips to New York City leaving on Saturday (rather than Friday), with hotel options either in New Jersey or Manhattan on the weekends preceding Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Canada Day. However, if you would prefer to leave on the Friday, note that we also offer 4-day packages to New York with the hotel in New Jersey to coincide with these holidays. Plus, we have added a trip to Niagara Falls, Toronto and the Thousand Islands from Saturday, June 21st to Monday, June 23rd, as well as a trip the following weekend, from Saturday June 28th to Tuesday July 1st to Washington and Philadelphia. It’s worth noting that this will be our only trip to Washington and Philadelphia this year!

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