Wondering why you should travel with Frenzy Tours?

Here are 10 great reasons and more to travel with us!
  • First off, we’ve got 11 years experience in organized tours!
  • You have three ways to reserve your package: either in our office, on the phone or online.
  • Your invoice will never be a surprise because our prices always include all service fees, taxes, transfers and OPC funds.
  • We offer exceptional service, an unequalled quality/price ratio and always select accommodations in superior quality hotels.
  • Our accompanying guides were all supervised during their first trip to ensure their skill. Courteous and responsible, they will not solicit you to buy extra options, since all our trips are all-inclusive (except for the CN Tower option in the Niagara Falls, Toronto and the 1000-Islands package).
  • For our guests leaving from Montreal, we have a negotiated a reduced parking fee in an indoor facility near the departure location.
  • For tours to the United-States, we leave early to avoid long waits at customs.
  • During all of our tours, you will receive beverages, a snack and a souvenir gift.
  • You are never required to follow the group once you’ve arrived at your destination, so long as you respect the departure times.
  • You can change the names on the reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before departure.
  • We leave for New York City every weekend from the beginning of March to the end of December, and you always have the choice of a hotel in Manhattan or in New Jersey.

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