Some tips before your departure to New York City with Frenzy Tours:

Here are some valuable recommendations that will be very useful!

Make sure your passport (or any other travel document recognized by the U.S. government) is valid. To make the bus ride more enjoyable, bring along items such as a pillow, blanket or iPod. Plan ahead and bring some American cash (or a credit card) to pay for breakfast on your first day. Wear good walking shoes, but avoid sandals given the state of streets and sidewalks in New York City. To avoid spending a day in damp clothes, always carry around a raincoat or an umbrella. Given the high cost of long-distance calling, get yourself an American plan if you intend on using your phone frequently. If you want to see a show on Broadway, reserve your seats for the day after your arrival so that you don’t fall asleep during the show! If this is your first trip to New York, put aside $30 so you can at least go up to the Top of the Rock observatory to admire the City. And most importantly, do not forget to purchase travel insurance to cover medical care, if necessary (Frenzy Tours also offers this type of insurance!) Of course, your tour guides will add their own recommendations along the way.

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